Kids Valentines // On a Budget


Lots of you have asked to share our crafts, hobbies and activities we do with our kids. I'm honoured to be able to provide more fun and affordable ideas for you.

Valentines, one of our favorite holiday; the kids love to participate in all the activities they have at school, specially the kissing booth ;)

For this day we have decided to give something that is not candy, because we all know that they will eat enough sweets on Valentines and they days that follow. Between the two kids we have almost 40 classmates (yeah lots of kiddos) some are 2 year toddlers and the others 4 year old preschoolers.

For Sammy's class (toddlers) we decided books, and we scored some awesome hardcovers Disney Classic Stories at the dollar store (oh yeahhh!). For Matthew's class (preschoolers) we found an amazing Crayola Dory Coloring set, with 80 pages + markers; and yes also at the dollar stores! 


We wrapped the books with tissue paper and the coloring sets with wrapping paper. We added some special details that we LOVED, the tags are printable from The Ever Co. only $2.99 and a plastic dinosaur that we got from the toy section section at ... you go it, the dollar store. 

At the end, we spent less than $1.25 on each gift, and guess what my kids loved them; they asked to keep one of each book and coloring set! so mission accomplished! 

Hope you like our Kid Valentines on a budget, and have a wonderful holiday!


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  • Britt Evy on

    This is so awesome! Thanks for the good ideas

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